Solutions for mindfulness and wellbeing

One Life Trust CIC is an organisation built by the community to support the community. Our mission is to improve the well-being of those who are suffering from the strains of modern life by providing a wide range of mindful activities. 

  • Assisting with the growing need for home-schooling support
  • Providing services to support a growing mental health crisis
  • Restoring people’s wellbeing & health
  • Supporting the exponential rise in children’s mental health
  • Supporting the NHS 
  • Supporting families with special needs
  • Overcoming the feeling of isolation & desertedness
  • Supporting adults & children with the loss of Loved ones
  • Restoring confidence and providing mindful activities 
  • Supporting Schools and Councils

THE ISSUES WE ARE addressing

  • Damage to the Foundations of our Society
  • Division and separation
  • Increasing concerns over the growing mental health crisis
  • Exponential rise in children’s mental health
  • Increase in the breakdown of family units
  • Feeling of isolation & desertedness for both children & adults
  • Medicating symptoms/effects vs overcoming root causes of problems
  • Dealing with the loss of Loved ones
  • An epidemic of fear, sudden deaths & grief


Megan & Howard Taylor


We are developing and growing a community that consists of specially trained therapists, experts and professionals in mental healthcare, wellness and wellbeing. Our vision for the One Life Trust is to be able to offer children and adults alike, a place of calm, peace and the opportunity to be understood and heard. With our support, we can slowly but surely put them on the path to recovery. 

We are doing this in a number of beneficial ways

  • 1-2-1 counselling sessions at our community site near Salisbury, Wiltshire
  • Wellness events & activities at our retreat just outside Salisbury in Wiltshire
  • Wellness sessions for children whereby they can interact with the animals
  • Schooling sessions in a relaxing environment where children can learn useful life skills which aim to distract and recondition their mindset as well as the standard curriculum.
  • Wilderness & Bushcraft sessions to stimulate minds and learn new fun skills
  • A garden to retreat to where counselling sessions can be conducted amongst nature and wildlife in peace and harmony
  • Woodworking or gardening classes that aid in reconditioning the mindset, building confidence and giving new hope.

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Without your support, we are unable to provide much-needed care, assistance and professional help to those suffering from mental health issues. 

Whatever you can donate will go a long way in giving One Life Trust CIC the full potential to help as many children and adults as we can.

Thank you so much!



If you would like to join us and become part of the One Life Trust CIC community of supporters, facilitators, partners or collaborators please get in touch today, we would love to hear from you.